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The Kloosterkerk, The Hague, Netherlands, where Willem Isaacsen Vredenburgh was baptized January 1, 1637. Photo taken July 2009 by Larry M. Vredenburgh

The Kloosterkerk, in The Hague, Netherlands, where
Willem Isaacsen Vredenburgh was baptized January 1, 1637


Willem Isaacsen Van Vredenburgh arrived in New Amsterdam 17 May 1658 aboard the ship de Vergulde Bever (The Gilded Beaver) from the Hague, Netherlands. He served for a time as a soldier in the service of the Dutch West India Company. By June 1661 he had returned to civilian status, and he lived in Wiltwyck (now Kingston, New York) until 1664, when he removed to New Amsterdam, where on 19 Oct 1664 he married at the Dutch Reformed Church Apollonia Barents Kool, baptized New Amsterdam 29 Jan 1645, daughter of Barent Jacobsen Kool and Marretje Leenderts. Apollonia bore seven children between 1665 and 1675. About 1677 they moved to Esopus (Kingston) where three children were baptized.

Vredenburgh. The definition means Peace Castle. Our branch of the family seems has to have always spelled the name Vredenburgh. However, through the natural course of use, the name has altered into many forms. Some of the most common include: Fredenburg, Vredenburg, Vredenburgh, Fredenburgh, Vredingburgh, Vradenburg. etc. Throughout this website, I have attempted faithfully reproduce the name used by each person. However, the spelling is difficult to discern, since from year to year in the census, names were often recorded differently. While many, if not most, Vredenburghs / Fredenburghs families in America related through Willem not all are.

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