The Warriors of Light

Samson listened to lies and as a result was conquered through force.  By giving into Satan he gave away his power, strength, and anointing to the Enemy of His Soul.  The Indian too was conquered through a combination of lies and force. Every treaty was a lie.

Like Samson, the Indian was blinded and stripped of dignity and power, forced into meaningless servitude.  They were spiritually blinded when their spiritual connect with creator God was ruthlessly gouged out of their culture, first by the Spanish and later the Anglos.  Instead of bringing Christianity into their culture, they were stripped of their culture and forced to wear a culture that was not their own.  This new culture said you have to be like us or you will be destroyed.

The Indian nation will rise from the ashes of ruin and despair, as they pray for strength, and embrace the new covenant of redemption with Creator God and his Son.  His Spirit will indwell them, they will dream dreams, they will be powerful warriors standing on the mountain tops watching vigilantly, with long black hair streaming, with a heart no longer crushed in despair but exulting in life.  They will be the guides across the vast dry wasteland leading the lost to springs of living water. They will offer spiritual food to the starving.

They will  pull down the pillars of the house of Satan, this ruthless enemy will receive a severe blow at their hands. As a people they will be stronger than ever. They will lead us into peace.  Just as Samson pushed aside the pillars of the temple of Dagon to destroy Israel's oppressors, the pall of Satan's dominion over this Nation will be destroyed.  The black tent of Satan over this Nation will be washed away when Indian and white brothers and sisters are reconciled for past sins, when repentance and forgiveness mingle to form a sweet stream of living water.

However, Satan dwells in many temples, many strongholds. Their names include racism, hatred, despair, abuse, to name only a few. They are being toppled one by one. Soon God will reign on earth as in heaven, as we in obedience are his warriors of light

October 3, 1999:lmv