The walls of Jericho seem to represent a barrier surrounding the Promised Land.  The Hebrews stepped out in obedience, though they lacked understanding what God was doing.

Dominoes.  Their obedience, and holiness, and devotion energized God to crush and obliterate the walls.  It energized their faith in God.  They saw God move.  This new generation who had not witnessed the parting of the Red Sea, saw the parting of the Jordan, and the crushing of Jericho within a month.  After this they went on to conquer town after town.

Passover.   The Jews were delivered from Egypt at Passover. After Passover, at Jericho the walls that encircled the promised land were crushed leaving the promised land naked and vulnerable. Jesus was crucified at Passover.   Passover celebrates release from bondage.  Moses was God's instrument to bring release, and judgement on Egypt.  Joshua brought God's judgement on the tribes of Canaan.  He demolished strongholds, and helped settle a people in the promised land.  Jesus delivered us from bondage to sin and death, he adopted us into his family, opened communication between God and man, by sending his spirit, and tearing the veil.  He empowered us to demolish spiritual strongholds.

Satan's power was crushed by Jesus death and resurrection, we now walk as warriors, victors to take the land held in bondage by the author of sin and death.

Matthew 16:18 "..and the gates of hell will not prevail against it..."

Walls and gates are barriers to the establishment of the kingdom of God, in a heart, a community, or a people.  Walls are barriers to our forward progress and growth as Christians.

Israel during this one period in their history fought an offensive war.  After this it was mostly defensive.  But as individual tribes, not fighting as a whole, some tribes did not destroy the people residing there, and had a very shaky claim to the ground granted them.  In later years these tribes would grow strong and fight and conquer Israel for a time.  They were pockets of cancer that not only conquered the nation physically, but also spiritually, as Israel adopted their idolatry.

Sometimes we say, "Yes I know that God wants me to be rid of this sin... it is a barrier to my growth, or perhaps he is challenging us to step into a new role in the body of Christ.  One we've never done, that will require our reliance of his power.  One where we can't rely on experience.

With out experience, facing a new challenge where we are untested or untried we feel helpless, naked, exposed.  Satan whispers, you are stupid, give up, you will fail, you will look like an idiot- I will destroy you.  Some examples include, Moses standing at the Red Sea.  Joshua facing the walled city of Jericho.  Esther going to the king to plead for the Jews, Nehemiah asking to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  David standing before Goliath.

Walls are giants.  We can't overcome them without his supernatural intervention in our lives.  Ai - is a good example of trying to overcome in the flesh.  Trying to live a compromised Christian life.  We will fall on our face, we will be defeated.

The gates of hell will not prevail against a holy, sold out church.  We will prevail, all walls will crumble as we shout the name of Jesus.  Victory upon victory will be ours.

A cascade is a waterfall consisting of steps.  When all the force and current of society seems to oppose God, and we feel like we are fighting upstream... When we hit an impassable wall... a waterfall, God will crumble the wall into a cascade a steep, yet passable jumble of rocks - a cascade.

A walled city or fortress is a concentration of power and wealth.  From the stronghold vast territory is ruled.  From Washington DC all the US is governed, is held in unity, as if by an invisible force. Walls.  Peter was sitting in jail facing trial and death.  Walls couldn't keep him in.  The tomb couldn't hold Jesus.  Daniel in the Lion's den, no harm came to him.  Paul in Prison.  John on Patmos.  Satan seeks to confine us, destroy us, isolate us, discourage us.  But God himself will deliver. God himself instructs us to erect walls.  Nehemiah is the best example of a wall builder.  All through the Bible there are references to Gate Keepers and Watchmen.  God refers to himself as a strong tower.  A fortress.  Israel was to keep themselves separate from the tribes around them. As with a wall.  We are to be holy and distinct (Rom 12:1-2).  We are to be nonconformists, walking in holiness.  We erect a wall of holiness as individuals and a people as we walk with God.  As we put on spiritual armor we erect a wall, a force field against the enemy.  Though we may be thrown into a den of lions, we will be protected, our soul untouched.

Walls and giants represent impossible challengers.  That seek to destroy us.  Or prevent us from taking full control of all that God wants to give us in Christ.  He wants to possess us fully.  That happens as we yield the battle plans to him.  As we yield to him, we walk in his power to rid ourselves of every hindrance (Hebrews 11).  If we don't yield we walk in our own wisdom and power, we become paralyzed with fear (consider the 10 spies, or the army of Israel cowering before Goliath's boasts) or with cocky self assurance, we are defeated like at Ai.  Our own wisdom is foolishness.  Our own power is non-existent.

God established a wall or barrier around the garden after Adam's sin.  With it fellowship with God was severed.  This separation was removed by Jesus death.  God placed an angel with orders to kill in Balaam's path when he was proceeding into sin.  And he sent a violent storm to stop Jonah's flight from obedience.

Larry M. Vredenburgh July 20, 2000