Are you walking like Jesus did?
Tue, 2 Nov 1999

HI!  This is Michelle and I really wanted to share something with all of you that God has really been putting on my heart for  while.  It's Luke 11:34-36  "Your eye is a lamp for your body.  A pure eye lets sunshine into your soul.  But an evil eye shuts out the light and plunges you into darkness.  Make sure that the light YOU THINK YOU HAVE IS NOT REALLY DARKNESS.  If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your WHOLE LIFE will be radiant, as though a floodlight is shining on you."  No matter what the cirsumstances or situation you may be in, no matter what is happening in your life (good or bad), the Bible clearly states that God's light will shine through you if He is the #1 in your life and you must make a daily effort, no matter how hard it may be, to be in Him, to live your life as Jesus lived His.  I want to share a really powerful song by Joel Weldon.  It really has done wonders in my heart ever since I first heard it a long time ago.  Please, let God's spirit speak to you through these words.  Take the time to read it all.  No skimming!!!

"On a county road, driving through the wheat fields, didn't really have a destination, just thinking to myself.  I must have been dreaming, 'cause I didn't see the gas gauge.  The tank went dry and I wished I was somewhere else. I walked for a mile then I sat by the roadside, then the drone of an engine came up from behind.  Under gray bushy brows, he questioned and smiled some, he said 'Son, looks to me like you need a ride.' As I jumped in his white Ford pickup, loaded down with hay bales and dusty sacks of grain, my eye caught the Bible, it was laying on his dashboard and something told me this was no ordinary day.'Son, where you headed?' and he meant more than small talk, didn't take long and we were talking about life.  In that weathered old face there was a passion for living.  His peaceful eyes showed it and I asked him why.

He said:  There's a fire burning in my soul, it keeps a man warm and it makes a man whole.  When the sun goes down and the day is through, to live and walk like JESUS did, is the best a man can do. Tires popped gravel as we stopped at his front door, the flame burned blue on his old cook stove.  He waved me a chair nad he poured me some coffee, it was strong like his gaze that cut through to my soul. His message was clear, he didn't have to prove nothing, every word was like water  to a thirsting man.  He said, 'Don't waste your youth just chasing the wind boy, 'cause time it'll fly like a bird from your hand.'


And then I asked him if he lived there alone, he glanced at a picture on the windowsill.  "Nine years ago, she went to be with Jesus.  Oh, how I loved her." and I knew he did still.
"Son there's a purpose for all under heaven, you make a lot of choices before you die.  Better live today as if tonight you'll meet you Maker. And with the love of Jesus, you'll have nothing to hide."
With a beat up can we headed back to my car, as I got out to thank him, I'd tried to give him a ten.  He wouldn't take the money, but with a well worn smile he said, "Someday here, or in heaven, I hope to see you again."
A tingle went through me, as I watched him drive away. I knew I'd been given much more than I'd planned.  The words that he said would stay with me forever.  I'd just shaken the hand of a God-fearing man.


***I John 2:6***(PLEASE READ THIS!!!)

I don't know about you guys, but I want to live my life to the best of my abilities, day by day, a life that not only I could look back on and know that I lived for Christ everyday, but that He could look at it and proud as well.   What kind of life are you living?  If tonight were your last here on earth, are you prepared to meet your Maker, with that book wide open that tells the tale of your life, good and bad, every action, thought, word, and emotion you ever had.  Are you ready to do some explaining?

Just something to think about...I know it helps me keep my life in God's perspective...How about you?

Love in Christ,   Michelle