The Play

The Christian life is like a play, one with no rehearsal, for the script is placed in our heart, it is not written out and handed to us ahead of time.  Each of us, as we walk in the Spirit will know our part, we will each know our cues.  When we perceive our cue, we step confidently on stage to deliver our line, to turn up the lights, to start singing the music - what ever our role is.

The drama was written before the world began.  The author has himself written it in our hearts, he has given us eyes, ears, a mind and a voice to discern and perform our role, glorifying him.  He is playwright, director and producer.  He is coach and guide.  There is no rehearsal, he need not even point at us, or whisper in our ear "That was your cue, you're on." We will know.

That is how it is supposed to work, but sometimes sin distracts us, so instead of waiting attentively for our cue we are conversing with another member of the cast or crew about anything but the Play.  Our minds sometimes are far from our role - our part.  We are self absorbed, thinking, "Will they like me?  Will they see what a great job I did?  No one seemed to notice last time.  Maybe I'll just quit.  I hear there is another play across town.  There everyone gets applauded.  Why does everyone applaud Jesus, after all we're the ones doing his stupid play.  I'm stuck here on the spot light.  No one even knows I'm here.  I have such an insignificant role no one will notice if I leave."

Satan constantly is trying to draw away cast and crew.  He sows seeds of self doubt and dissension.  He says, "If  Jesus really cared about you he would let you share in the praise and glory.  He would reveal the entire script to you.  This stuff about relying on his Spirit to guide you moment-by-moment, line-by-line if for the birds."

Sometimes our role is to simply walk across the stage.  But that is a cue for someone else to step out and deliver his lines.  Perhaps our role is to shine the spot light on just one person delivering a line on stage, though there may be many others on the stage.

As we work together Jesus is glorified.  As his handiwork we are like the fingers of our hands laced together in prayer.  We lift our hands so fitted together, not in defiance or to use as a weapon or club, but in submission, as we fall on our faces before His throne in worship.  We thank Him for choosing us, of allowing us to participate in the unfolding drama.  We ask for His guidance and discernment, and He willingly gives it.  The audience, seeing the drama of His Living Church, is drawn into the message of hope, love and forgiveness, becoming desperate to join the Play and know the playwright.  Anyone who knocks on His door will be invited in, anyone who seeks admission to participate will be allowed to.  There is no tryout.  However, you must allow the playwright to place the script in your heart.  You must live, eat and breathe the script as it is revealed line by line, scene by scene, action by action.  His cast becomes family.  They support one another, pick up the one who has stumbled, applaud every effort, embrace every new member.  He comes by continuously to offer encouragement and correction.

But make no mistake, Jesus and Jesus alone, is who we all work for.  He receives our praise, worship and glory.  He alone is worthy.  He offers us new life, gone is meaningless wandering as an observer of life, we now participate in life, his life, and his unfolding purpose and plan for the world.

lmv 2/17/2000