Stars in the Night

The night sky is like a canopy of darkness that obscures my brilliant glory.  But each star is like a pin prick that allows some of my glory to shine through.

Each star represents a Christian that has allowed my Son's redeeming power to shine through them, and my Spirit to burn in their heart.

Those who have given me more of their heart, burn brighter in the darkness.

Heaven and earth will pass away, the stars will all eventually burn out.  But unlike the stars that will all be snuffed out like a candle wick, my holy ones will burn for all eternity, never to be consumed, for it is my glory that is on display for all to see.

Look at the night sky and consider the numberless points of light.  Consider the clouds of light that make up the milky way.  I would that in the night sky each star touch another.  That darkness would vanish and my glory would shine on the earth day and night, through the Church the Bride of Christ.

Larry M.  Vredenburgh August 20, 2000