Some thoughts on Judges 16:17 and following

When I decide to sin - I'm on my own - I by choice leave God's strength behind. I become as weak as anyone else without the Lord. When I walk with him in holiness he gives me strength to overcome. The source of Samson's strength was a secret - May the source of my strength not be a secret. Samson's hair had never been cut. When I SIN, I cut my lifeline, my source of strength. I am sort of like one of those old-time deep sea divers with a line to the surface... and I cut my line


(vs 18.) Satan plans my downfall, he lays in wait for me. When he sees me weakening he calls in reinforcements to be sure I fall. If I am trusting my own strength and reject the Spirit's lead, I sleep to the danger around me. Perhaps it is an old familiar sin that lulls me to sleep, dulling my Christian walk and witness, a sin I am comfortable with, one I wouldn't think of abandoning, yet I know I should. It has sold me out, it has ensured my destruction, gouging out my spiritual eyes and shackling me in bondage. It is no friend. Praise God for Your  Deliverance.

If I am asleep to the Spirit I entrust my life to Satan for he makes me comfortable with my sin, it is at that time he attacks to destroy. My capture is certain, for I let down my guard, I am not vigilant. Just as Samson slept with his head in Delilah's lap and that led to his hair being cut, my spiritual slumber and deadness to the leading of the Spirit leads to my separation from the power that is mine in God.

As Samson slept, he was no longer in control. He gave up control of his life. I have long prayed for self control, but when I turn my back on God and trust in my power, I am really giving Satan power over me. For without HIS power I am powerless, against attacks of the enemy.

Oct. 7, 1999:lmv