Give me ears to hear your messengers as they sing.
Sing your song of healing, your song of restoration.

Your song reverberates through the land like a sweet bell-chime on a crisp, still morning.
May my soul respond to your song - enliven me!

Your song pours from your throne like a crystal spring of water to cover the earth.
Your messengers carry it and sing it over me
bringing from your throne life and light, joy and grace.

Jesus open my ears to hear,
touch my heart with healing,
open my mouth to sing your song.

Do you see the song of the Lord?
Does it illumine your path?
His song is light.

Do you feel the song of the Lord?
Does it touch you?
His song is life!

Do you taste the song of the Lord?
Does it feed you?
His song is the bread of life!

Do you drink the song of the Lord?
Does it quench your thirst?
His song is the living water!

Do you hear the song of the Lord?
Does it bring joy to your soul?
His song is the word of life!

Lord pour your song into my life.
May my life resound with your life, my love with your love.

Make me your song to feed the hungry, to quench the thirsty.
To be light in darkness, and a song of hope in the time of despair.

Larry M. Vredenburgh March 10, 1999