Scars are healed wounds.  Our wounds may heal, but our scars will always remind us of  the event that created the wound.  Jesus' scars remind us of the crucifixion,  the wounding unto death.  That he was stricken for our iniquities.  We are born in sin we are born in iniquity.

We all carry a physical scar of our birth, our navel.  In the center of our physical body.  It reminds us we were once one with our mother.  We were created in her womb.  It reminds us of her pain, and joy in bringing us into the world.  We were once part of her, until the umbilical cord was cut.  At that moment into that room flooded joy, relief, love and sometimes concern if medically all was not perfect.

We are born in sin.  We are born wounded.  The spiritual center of our being represented by our heart carries the wound caused by Adam's sin.  Yet it remains an open wound, unhealed, crying out for the Father's touch to heal.  Even as a lucky father will hold his child at its birth, at the point of our acceptance of Jesus work on the cross for our restoration - our new birth - the Father cradles us in his arms healing our heart.  Yet the scar of sin, our sinful flesh - and its desire to stray - remains.

Circumcision is an other physical scar.  A cutting away that often occurs shortly after birth. But even as we consecrate ourselves to him daily, as his Spirit fills and empowers us, the flesh is cut away (spiritual circumcision).  Even as the Hebrews were circumcised after crossing the Jordan, before entering into the promised land, when we consecrate ourselves, when we walk in holiness, he will allow us to conquer giants, he will send his angels before us, they will fight by our sides.

Yet we are still flesh, we were born in sin and though scars remain, reminding us of the wound of sin, we will be made whole and perfect when we stand before the throne of God in heaven.

lmv: 8/9/2000