God is changing things so fast there is no way to prepare for them.  The Hebrews standing, eating roast lamb in haste.  Having first painted the blood on their door posts.  Crazy stuff.  Little realizing that in only hours they would be free. 

Whiplash.   They had been in Egypt 437 years as God prepared them, as the promises seemed to grow increasingly dim, as they suffered in bondage to end in one night.

God will come in like a flood.  Faster and faster the rain will fall, higher and higher the reservoirs will fill.  God will come in like a flood.  The rain will fall so fast it will fill up the reservoirs.  It will top the spill-ways.  There will be no way to control the overflow.  His cleansing, righteous flood will inundate the lowlands, his rains will fall on the highlands.

Even as water is used to produce electricity at dams, there will be limitless power, for the rains will never cease.

Psalm 65.  The rains soften the hard-packed soil.  The rains bring fertility.  Pour out your compassion and grace.  May the hard heart be made receptive to your word.

~  ~  ~

You will say, "God has left me, he has abandoned me."  Yet I say it is you who has abandoned me.  A reservoir that is abandoned becomes filled with rocks, sand and sediment.  No longer does it capture the water.  I say dredge out the sin that has nearly filled up the reservoirs of my blessing.

Joseph saved up during the time of blessing, preparing for the time of drought, but you have allowed mice to eat up all the produce and abundance.  You have said in your heart, "This abundance will last forever." But I am about to change that.  You will go to your neglected granaries and find all that was stored, eaten and contaminated.  You will look to your reservoirs and find them filled with worthless rock and sand.  The water has been eaten up by it.  You will not have water for your crops and cities.  Power will cease all together.
During the drought, when I command the rain to cease, the tide will push salt water further and further up stream.  Fresh water will be replaced by salt.  You will say, "Why did I neglect my Lord's blessings?  His sweet fellowship, his special provision."

Dams can be a storehouse of blessing.  A strong tower.  The water represents immense wealth.  Liquid gold.  More precious than gold during time of drought.  Watchmen must constantly be looking for cracks or seepage, and wary of the enemy that would destroy it.

But some have erected dams on rotten rock.  On faults that move and cause the dams to fail and collapse.  Woe to those who have built down stream.  That which was stored as a blessing will be swept away.

Some build dams holding back the flow of my spirit.  Hoarding blessings and not releasing them. My renewal and grace is choked by a barrier, that I never intended.

Come everyone that thirsts, come to the waters, come buy and drink.  Come immerse yourself in my river.  Let it cleanse you and heal you.  Limpiar.  Let my waters cleanse you until you are whiter than snow.

No longer be ashamed of me.  For I am your father.  My son died for you.  Though the waters seem impassible.  I will stop them with my finger that you might pass over.  The low water crossings have been obliterated.  The water is swift and deep.  But strike the water with my mantle of blessing that you carry in your hand, and you will be able to pass over.  You will come into the land I promised.  I will send my angel to provide strategy.  Sanctify your selves.  Reestablish the covenant of grace.  Obediently follow my direction.

lmv: July 23, 2000