Rescued, moved, filled, empowered.
A beloved lamb found,
an emerald within a lump of mud,
a nugget washed from common gravel.

You have stood upon the mountain of God,
with the lightning striking, the thunder crashing,
the rocks splitting, the heavens torn in two.

You come to proclaim the word of the Lord, saying humbly,
"I have seen his power, I have witnessed it with my eyes.
Let him fill you, that you too may see the work of the hand of the Lord."

The Spirit fills you like the whirlwind.
A rushing wind from the south,
all are swept in by your embrace,
by your eyes, embers glowing with the Lord's fire.

Lord direct the path of the wind,
keep the blaze of Your Spirit alive.
Pounding, crashing, tumbling, ripping, tearing.
His flood pours down upon the mountain.
A moving wall, sweeping down the canyons,
spreading across the valley.
Save us from your fury.

We cry the warning. Make us bold to proclaim it!
Unstop their ears to hear, open their eyes to see...
the gathering clouds, the flashing lightning.
May they feel the hail as it stings, and destroys.

But as the sun rises bold, hope is conceived and swells in our hearts.
At dawn the red streaks on parting clouds remind us of Your blood that covers us.
Cover us with Your hand of mercy.
Protect us within Your stronghold.
May we worship at Your feet, oh King, forever.

lmv 4/19 - 4/25/1999