Jezebel has enthroned herself in positions of power in this nation. Her lies are taught as truth. She seeks to pervert the church, she has infiltrated the church. She rages against the way of truth. She threatens and seeks to control the very words preached by the faithful.

She is preparing for war. Already the first shots have been fired. Can not you see the smoke? Can not you smell it? Casualties are mounting.

Her lips drip with honey, but she speaks lies. She raves about peace, love and acceptance, but her black heart is filled with hate. Hate toward the one and only true God who has proclaimed judgment against
her. Hate toward those who remain faithful to His Messiah. There is salvation in no one else. But she has rejected The Name.

But even faced with arrest, imprisonment, yes and even death, the five thousand that remain true, holy and uncompromised preach and teach with boldness in love. The spiritual landscape of this nation is a desolate, smoking ruin - famine, drought and death brought on by playing the harlot with Jezebel. But there is a flicker of life "Rising from the ashes is a flame - a million hearts rekindled by the Name."

As your church unites as one in prayer, may you fill us with boldness, may the power of your Name bring healing and restoration to this nation. Throw Jezebel down, this usurper of authority, you are rightful king.
May we recrown you as ruler, may we swear, and rededicate ourselves to you, our radiant Lord and God.

May this happen even tomorrow, election day. May the earth tremble as your church empowered by your spirit goes forth.

lmv 3/6/2000