Hidden Sin

Basic common sense would tell you if you can't see something - say you're reading a
book- move closer to the light.

Often we are blinded by the darkness in our own hearts - to our own sins.

Those who do not trust in Jesus hate His illuminating light and for they do not want
their sins exposed (John 1:18-20).

The closer we move to God the more we will be aware of his holiness and our sin.
Consider Isaiah's encounter with God in Isaiah 6. Hidden sin is like a cancer, or an
enemy spy. It saps our spiritual strength and vitality. It may lead to spiritual
shipwreck if not removed (I Tim 1:19). We need to move not only closer to Jesus -
but pray for sin to be revealed as David did (Psalms 139:23-24).  As we see our sin
and confess it then we can clearly hear God (Is 6:8) to do his will completely.