Fortress of Peace

By believing and accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior we become children of God.  As children of the Lord naturally we are invited to live with Him in His castle.  It is the Fortress of Peace.  As long as we live in His presence, talking with Him, eating at table with Him, drinking  from His clear, pure artesian well, doing His bidding - our hearts and minds are at peace.

Yet a powerful enemy prowls the land seeking to kidnap, torture and enslave any that would step out of the fortress without the loving protection of their Lord and Father.

As His children we have been raised up as a vast army to free the captives and take back territory.  Each time we go forth in battle, He lovingly places His own cloak over us - as long as we wear it - no harm can come to us for it is His presence covering us, clinging to us.  It brings comfort and peace.

We go forth dressed in full battle attire; belt, body armor, shoes, shield, helmet, sword which are: truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation and the Word of God.  And though we march far and fast, He assures us He is always with us, and by prayer in the power of His Spirit we can communicate directly to Him, and He with us.  For His Spirit has come upon us with power, and He has directed us to do what ever seems right for He guides us.

As a mighty army we march from His fortress, each one carrying a red banner with a golden Lion.  For that is His sign.  We march as one man, each moving in exactly the right place, at the right time.  No weapon can stop us.  Yet our foe is as numerous as the sand of the sea, and stink of the pit of death from which they came.  But as the battle begins, God sends an earthquake, and armed flying warriors, that throw the enemy into confusion.  They retreat and we swarm into the Dark Lord's castle to set free the prisoners.  Expanding the kingdom of light, taking more territory.

We return jubilant.  The captives held so long in bondage in dark stinking dungeons can hardly take in all the light and life of the newly reclaimed land.  The Lord Himself has ridden to meet us and together we enter the Fortress of Peace to the erupting tumult of joy as lost relatives are reunited and the former captives in tears of joy, hug and kiss Jesus, their Savior and Lord.  And on that day many confessed Him as Lord and King to the glory of God.

Immediately they began their training, sitting at His feet, listening to His teaching.  And His words were as the sweetest honey to their tortured souls.  Soon they took on a glow - His glow, for they were in His presence.  And in His presence is perfect peace.

Jan. 17, 2000:lmv