The True Door

All of mankind is locked in a filthy Black Room filled with despair, destruction and every hideous sin you wouldn't imagine in your worst nightmare. The room is huge, circular, with high black walls, like the amusement park ride that spins, pasting you to the side as the bottom falls out. Only this room isn't spinning. Lining the walls of the room are a multitude of open doors which seem to offer delights unthinkable but actually are filled with filled with miserable, damned souls.

However there is one way out. The "Door of Hope." A large door, constructed of sturdy rough-hewn timber. Its wood glows in a gentle radiance in that black place. On the door posts and lentil is blood of the "Lamb that was slain."

The door leads out into a broad green meadow on a bright, crisp Spring day. A gentle creek flows over a bed of smooth colorful pebbles - which are rough uncut jewels that represent the Saints of God. Trees are just putting out new leaves. The first wildflowers of Spring line the stream's banks. Small patches of white snow hide under the trees' shadows. Standing on the near side of the meadow, with his arms out stretched, and his nail pierced palms opened - beckoning - is Jesus clothed in white. Welcoming all who would come. Inviting all to drink at the "Spring of Living Water" which is the source of the stream.

Finding the True Door amid the confusion in the Black Room is difficult, for there are so many other doors all offering pleasure and happiness. The True Door is plainly marked, but most won't believe it is possible that such peace can exist. They deny the existence of such a place, though the door is plain to see. You only have to knock and ask admission. All who knock are allowed to enter. Some say it is too difficult to knock. Some say it is a trick. Yet through that door is peace and tranquility that can not be imagined in your sweetest dream. For the True Prince of this land offers comfort, healing and deliverance from the wretched dehumanizing destruction of the Black Room with one True Door.

Aug. 24, 1999:lmv