Bridge of Faith

Even as Jesus reached down to bridge the gap between God and man, faith reaches up to God to grasp His hand.  Faith is like the desperate grasp of a drowning man, who knows he is doomed unless he takes the offered hand of his rescuer.

Even as God reached down to Abraham to rescue him from idolatry and make him a nation, faith allowed Abraham to grasp God's hand to pull him from where he was, to move him in a bold new direction.

With lightning there is both an up stroke and a down stroke.  If you find yourself the target of a bolt of lightning, you will experience physical manifestations.  Your hair will stand on end, reaching as it were, to heaven, You are being prepared to be a conduit of a massive jolt of electricity.  Just as you experience a spark of static electricity a split second before touching a door knob, you experience spiritual lightning just before a touch of God.

We build lightning rods to attract lightning, to protect vulnerable or flammable structures.  We erect a spiritual lightning rod when we worship God.  For when our hearts are pure, and lifted up to Him we are like refined gold.  We become conductive.  His power can flow through us.  Gold is one of the most conductive metals there is, but we must be firmly grounded, bolted into the living rock - Jesus.  We can't be built on a foundation of wood, hay and stubble, empty Godless works.  As we are purified by His blood and stretch our hands toward heaven in prayer and worship He will descend with a flash and mighty roar.

If we stand alone like a single tree on a ridge and are struck by His power we will be set on fire. Like the burning bush. But, if we, as His people, stand united, the stroke from heaven will start a conflagration. Our flesh and empty works will disappear in a flash - put to death - replaced by the eternal flame of His spirit.

Sequoia seeds can only germinate after a fire burns off a hard, water proof coating.  Then, when winter rain and snow soaks them they will sprout.  In the same way His living water can penetrate our hearts when we allow the hard coating to be burned away.  Then like the sequoia, faith will germinate, sprout and take root, growing into a might tree.  Our faith will grow bringing us closer to heaven with each passing year.

lmv: Aug.  15, 2000