The Beacon

The beacon stands on a rock. It shines at night. It is faithful - it shines during rain or snow. It leads people to safety.

It is similar to a foghorn. It is like His word issuing a warning on foggy nights stay away. Both function at night when our senses can't perceive the way or danger. Without the foghorn we would crash into the rocks. A lighthouse is also a navigational aid, but it is principally a warning device like the foghorn. Its light warns, "Stay away! Danger!" While the airway beacon invites the traveler to safety.

Compare to Psalm 23. The shepherd leads and guides both like the beacon and the fog horn and light house lead and guide. The beacon beckons us, come to safety. Jesus says eat in the meadows whose food will satisfy. He guides, warning us to stay on the path lest we fall over the cliff to destruction.

Suppose you are flying a small plane on a clear night through the mountains. You can follow the lights of the cars on the highway. They form a path of light, better than any map. But you better have a knowledgeable guide with a map who can warn you of mountains or power lines crossing your path. Jesus is our guide, the bible our map. He is the beacon that guides us to safety.

lmv 8/7/99