Walking with Spiritual Eyes

Your word is a lamp for my feet and a lamp for my path (Psalm 119:105).

Though the world is darkness all around us, we don't walk haltingly like a blind man without his cane - we stride erect, with confidence, without fear, walking at full speed into the pitch dark.  We walk with spiritual eyes. There is no natural light on our path, all is darkness,  with our physical eyes we can not see.  Someone walking behind us relying on his physical eyes, could not keep up for he would question his every step.  He will step into holes, and stumble over rocks we avoided.

The race of life can only be run with spiritual eyes.  It is cruel humor to even imagine a marathon race consisting of only blind men without guidance.  Just as the blind man is not able to discern whether to take an intersecting road, when we attempt to live life without His guidance there is no way to reach the goal.  For real life is infinitely more complicated than a rat racing through a maze to a piece of cheese.

God illuminates our mind to know the path he has set before us.  The Holy Spirit that dwells within us guides us better than a seeing eye dog, or night vision goggles.  The Spirit is our spiritual eyes, when we sin we don't know which way to go, it is as if we have gouged out our spiritual eyes.

Lord God, I pray I might walk in your Spirit of holiness, with discernment and guidance, that I might run the race of life with bold confidence.

lmv: 12/18/1999