Biography of William Vredenburgh
Wedding Announcements of William Vredenburgh's children
Tombstone inscriptions of William and Mary Vredenburgh
Onondaga County Appointment of Guardians
Vredenburgh Family in Skaneateles, NY Historical Society Records
Obituary of Mary Ann (Schuyler) Vredenburgh of Norwalk, Ohio
Huron County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions
Vredenburghs in the California Gold Rush

Biography of William Vredenburgh

Another Biography of William Vredenburgh

Wedding Announcements of William Vredenburgh's children
source: LDS Film 1022833

Albany Reister, 1 Jan 1811
Weed - Vredenburgh. At Skaneateles on Friday 21 st inst. by Rev. Mr. Sears, Mr. Walter Weed of this city to Miss Cornelia Vredenburgh dau. of William I. Vresenburgh Esq. of Skaneateles.

Albany Register 7 Jan 1812
Porter - Vredenburgh. At Skaneateles, m. the 24th Dec. by Rev. Clark, James Porter Esq., Attorney at Law to Miss Eliza Vredenburgh, dau of Col. William I. Vredenburgh, both of that place

The Argus. 26 July 1814
Throop - Vredenburgh, At Skaneateles on the 19th inst. by Rev. Wm. Clark, Enos T. Throop of Auburn to Miss Evelina Vredenburgh, dau of the late Hon. Wm I. Vredenbugh.

Albany Gazette 11 Oct 1825
Vredenburgh - Schuyler.  At Locust Grove near Schenectady, of Thursday last (4th) by Rev. Prvol (?) Mr. John J. Vredenburgh merchant of Norwalk Ohio to Miss Marianne Schuylar dau of late Harmanus P. Schuyler of Locust Grove.

Tombstone inscriptions of William and Mary Vredenburgh

source: Beauchamp, W. M., 1913, Revolutionary Soldiers, resident or dying in Onondaga County, NY (The MCDonnell Co.:Syracuse, NY), p. 226-227

Sacred | to the Memory | W. I. Vredenburgh. | who departed this  life | May 9, 1813. | Aged 53 |
Years. | Life's uncertain. | Death is sure. | Sin's the wound. | Christ the cure.

MARY VREDENBURGH, | Widow of | W. I. Vredenburgh, | Passed from Earth to the higher life | In 1842, | Aged 82 Years.

Skaneateles cemetery.  The name appears in the Westchester Co. Regiment and in the N. Y. Line.  In one family sketch his name is William John Vredenburgh.  According to Mr. Leslie this early and prominent settler was born in New York city, April 18, 1757, and was brought up as a merchant and shipper.  "In the person, Colonel Vredenburg was in height about six feet, had a handsome and commanding face, and was a fine specimen of the perfect gentleman.  He had been colonel in the army, and ever afterward retained that title."  In the N. Y. rolls he appears only as a private, his military titles coming later [I wonder if Mr. Beauchamp is confusing him with William Vredenburgh, of the NY Line, my ancestor - lmv ].  After the war he bought and sold soldiers' claims, making his first visit to Skaneateles in 1799, and bringing his wife and six children to reside there in 1803.  He was, at one time, a judge of the County Court, and in 1805-6 a member of the Assembly.  In New York city he was lieutenant in 1786, 2d major in '96, 1st major in '97, and lieut. col of 5th regiment in 1802. Agreeing with the stone a family record says he was born April 18, 1760, and died May 9, 1813, but says he married Elizabeth Townsend, born 1763, died '98.  She was his first wife, and from her the Burnett Family and others of Skaneateles are descended.


source:  Tree Talks v. 6 No. 1, Mar. 1966, p. 37

Mary Vredenburg, of Marcellus, gdn For Edward Rosier Vredenburg son of  Wm. Vredenburg late of the town of  Marcellus dec'd and he was 6 yrs of age the 15th day of April last. As also ascertained by the affidavit of  Chas. I. Barnett. Dated Feb 11, 1815

source Tree Talks v. 6, No. 2, June 1966, p. 89

Vredenburgh, John Varrick 13 ys on Feb 5, 1815, son of Wm. J. Vredenburgh of the town of Marcellus, deceased, and entitled to real and personal property in Onondaga County. Samuel Litherland of the Town of Marcellus was apt. guardian Feb. 11, 1815 upon affadavid by Charles I. Burnett

The Vredenburgh Family in the records of the Skaneateles, NY historical society.
Last Name First Name Newspaper Date Event Event Date Location
Porter Vredenburgh  Eliza Democrat/Press 4/28/1870  Obituary 

Vredenburgh Edward R  The Columbian 4/25/1838  Death  3/8/1838  Norwalk,OH 
Vredenburgh Mary  The Columbian 4/28/1842  Death  4/23/1842  Skaneateles, NY 
Obituary of Mary Ann (Schuyler) Vredenburgh of Norwalk, Ohio Norwalk, Huron County Ohio (Published 1997 by The Huron County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society,  Huron County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions .)


CORNELIA, 544(2), 547
EDWARD R., 544, 547
J.V., 544, 547
J.V.V., 547
JOHN S., 547
M.A., 544, 547
RICHARD V., 544, 547
SARAH S., 547

MRS. J.V., 700

Two Ohio Vredenburghs in the California Gold Rush

source: Spinazze, L. M., 1975, Index to the Argonauts of California Gold Rush (Polyanthos Inc: New Orleans, LA), p. 463

J. S. and J. V., Vredenburg from Ohio starting April 20, 1849.