Vredenburgh Searcher Vol. 2, No. 2, Summer 1994.

Henry Fredenburg and Annie Showers
Town of Vredenburg South Africa
1800 New York Census Index.


Washington Researcher Writes Carolyn Fix Blount of Seattle, Washington writes that her ancestor is Susannah Wheeler Fredenburg who married Nemimiah Hoag on February 7, 1782 at Armenia, Duchess County, New York. His Family were Quakers and came from New Hampshire. They resided in Marlborough, Ulster County, Ney York. He died Feb 12, 1805 and was the son of John Hoag and Rebecca Mosher. This would be the second marriage for Susannah, and Carolyn is seeking the name of the First husband who was a Fredenburg. If anyone has anything on a marriage concerning a Susannah Wheeler to a Fredenburg, you are directed to contact Carolyn at 2026 Tenth Ave, East, Seattle, WA 98102. Carolyn has sent in her ancestor chart, which will appear in a late issue of the Vredenburg Searcher.

Vredenburg Contacts

The following is a list of some of the Vredenburg researchers out there we will publish more of these names in the future:

Carol Van Buren
RD #1 Box 654
Westown, NY 10998

Peggy Fuller
PO Box 171
Vredenburgh, AL 36481

Sue Birks
363 Cedar Creel Farms Rd.
Glenn St. Mary, FL 29040

Harry Vredingburgh
1301 Brian Ln.
Truman, AK 72472

Viola Guttenfelder
18409 NE 122 Ave.
Battleground, WA 98604

Barbara Perricelli
2855 Penfield Rd.
Macedon, NY 14502

Donna Archer
1845 S.E. Elliott Ave.
Portland, OR 97214

Ann Monnier
PO Box 571
Molalla, OR 97214

Robert Belzor
395 Trontera Circle
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Ruth Ann Fradenburgh Kelly
RT. #2 Box 427
Hart, MI 40420

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Co-Editor Gary Fredenburg Reports

Fredenburgh - Shower

Henry Fredenburg, a native of Ulster County, New York, removed to Brownville, New York in 1837, where he died in 1872, aged 75 years. He served in Co. M, 10th N.Y.H.A. one year. He married first Annie Shower of Ulster County. Another source lists her name as Anna Showers of Showers Hill, near Windham, Greene County, New York, and indicateds that she was the daughter of Michael Showers and Catharine Heilicus. Their children were Albert, Elias, Joh, Mary J., David, Sylvia, Mames C., Eliza, George, and Lottie.

Henry Fredenburg's second marriage was with Annie Beckwith.

James C. Fredenburg, of Limerick, New York, son of Heny Gredenburg and Annie Shower, married Hattie Hayes, daughter of Alexander Hayes of Charmont, New York. It is known that they had at least two children, Cora and Blanche. He served two enlistments in the Civil War, first in Co. M, 2nd Regt. N.Y. Vols., and Second in Co. E., 186th Regt. N.Y. Vols., and fought in the battles of Bull Run, Antietam and at the siege of Petersburg.

Town of Vredenburg, South Africa

Mrs. J. Simon, clerk-treasurer of the city of Wales, Wisconsin has forwarded information which she obtained from John de Klerk, die Uitvoerende Hoof / Stadsklerk (Chief Executive / Town Clerk) of Vredenburg, a city on the west coast of South Africa.

Mr. De Klerk's letter startes that the town was originally named Twisfontein (Town of Discord), because of an argument between two farmers over fresh water, but later changed to Prosesfontein. Mr. De Klerk's letter states that the Dutch Reformed Church often acted as a peacemaker during those trying times so that when the acual building was inaugurated in 1875, it was decided that the town would be renamed Vredenburg (Town of Peace).

Based upon the forgoing history, Mr. De Klerk concluded, therefore, that the town of Vredenburg has no actual connection with the traditional Vredenburg family.

Oregon Ties

Mr. Ron Adams of Upland, California writes that he and his cousin, Donna (Fredenburg) Archer of Portland, Oregon are researching Fredenburg genealogy in the northwest. Donna has been compiling Fredenburg family history for many years, and for several months Ron has been adding Donna's family sheets to his PAF file. Ron has 700 names linked so far, and with spouses and their families, Ron's PAF file includes more thaan 2,600 names.

Ron's paternal grandmother was Ada Josephine Fredenburg, she was born 16 August 1871 in Brownsville, Oregon, daughter of Francis Marion Fredenburg and Nancy Hall. She married Francis (Frank) Marion Adams at Jacksonville, Oregon on 2 January 1889. Ron states that this branch of the Fredenburg family is located all over central and southwestern Oregon.

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New York in 1800
An index to the Federal Census Schedules of the
State of New York,
With other aids to research.
Edited by Phillip McMullin
Preface by Winston Deville
Gendex Corporation Provo, Utah

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Vredenburgh Families in New York by County in 1800

Map of New York in 1800,
showing counties with the number of Vredenburgh families in each county.

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The counties where Vredenburgh families lived and how many heads of households in each county.

Vredenburghs lived in a total of 13 different counties in the state of New York in 1800 and totaled 51 individual families.

County Number of Families
Albany 5
Cayuga 1
Columbia 6
Delaware 1
Dutchess 13
New York City 2
Orange 1
Queens 1
Rennsselaer 1
Rockland 1
Schoharie 1
Suffock 1
Ulster 7
Washington 10


Spelling variation of name included in this count: Fradenburgh Fraghtenburgh Fraghtenburg Frandenburgh Fredenburgh Freightenburgh Frendenbergh Van Vredenbergh Van Vredernbergh Vradenbergh Vrandenbergh Vrandenburgh Vrdenburgh Vredenbergh Vredenburgh Vredinburgh Vreedenbergh Veedemburgh

Purpose: To establish where and how many families need to be documented and what the name of the head of households were. If this was accomplished it would make a good basis for the families just before a lot of them started heading farther west.

Note: This information was extracted by Ruth Ann Fradenburg Kelley, Hart, MI., 4 Nov 1993.

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Fradenburgh, John 6:2
Frendenbergh, Isaac 82:2
Vrandenburgh, John 24:2
Vreedenbergh, William 55:2
Vreedenburgh, John 55:2
Vredenburgh, Asa 515:8
Vradenbergh, Abraham 215A:2
Vradenbergh, Benjamin 251A:2
Vradenbergh, Elias 234A:2
Vradenbergh, Elias 245A:2
Vradenburgh, John 266A:2
Vrandenbergh, James 257A:2
Fredenburgh, Peter 271:2
Vredenbergh, Benjamin 163:1
Vredenbergh, Jacob 099:1
Vredenbergh, Peter 155:1
Vredenbergh, William 043:1
Vredenbergh, William 156:1
Vredenburgh, Evert 161:1
Vredenburgh, Isaac 074:1
Vredenburgh, Jacob 163:1
Vredenburgh, John 074:1
Van Vredenbergh, Abraham 164:1
Van Vredenbergh, Benjamin 165:1
Van Vredenbergh, Jeremiah 156:1
Van Vredenbergh, Benjamin 157:1
New York City  
Freightenburgh, Abraham 142B:3
Vredenburgh, Benjamin 153A:3
Vredenbergh, Hezekiah 315:1
Vreedenburgh, William J. 62B:5
Fraghtenburgh, Peter 19:6
Vredenburgh, Mary 104A:4
Fradenburgh, Isaac 65B:7
Frattenburgh, Peter 65B:7
Vredenbergh, Benjamin D. 207:1
Vredenbergh, Benjamin E. 208:1
Vredenbergh, David 207:1
Vredenbergh, Isaac 234:1
Vredenbergh, John 207:1
Vredenbergh, John 259:1
Fredenburgh, David 187B:6
Vrdenburgh, Hames 157B:7
Vredenburgh, Abraham 301:6
Vredenburgh, Benjamin 129B:7
Vredenburgh, Benjamin 133B:7
Vredenburgh, Daniel 152A:7
Vredenburgh, Joseph 146B:7
Vredenburgh, Nicholas 152A:7
Vredinburgh, Abraham 117B:7
Vredinburgh, William 117B:7