Vredenburg Searcher Vol. 1 No. 2 July 1993

Ohio Pair Compare Notes
Oregon Researcher Sheds some new light
Who are the parents of Joseph Vredenburg?
Michigan Researchers Write
Vredenburg Researchers in New York
More Vredenburgh Researchers Write
The Fradenburgh Tract, Cayuga Twp, Ontario Canada

Research Notes

Ohio Pair Compare Notes

Two Ohio Vredenburg researchers, Mr. Gary Fredenburg of Warren, Ohio, and Mr. D. R. Jackson of Aurora, Ohio met recently at the home of D. R. Jackson in Aurora (2004 Note: Dale Jackson no longer lives in Aurora, OH). The two compared research notes concerning their Vredenburg ancestors. Gary is a descendant of a Wilhelmus Fredenburg, who was born in New York State around 1802. D. R. Jackson is a descendant of a John Vredenburg who was born in New York State, sometime between 1780 and 1800. Mr. Jackson's great great great grandmother was Henrietta Vredenburg, who was the daughter of the above John Vredenburg and Anna Shower. Henrietta married in New York to John Whitney Worden in 1841. The exact location of the marriage is not known, but it is thought to have taken place in Niagara County in 1844. Henrietta and her husband came to Livingston County, Michigan and remained there for a few years, until they moved on to Saginaw County, Michigan, where she died in 1909. Gary's ancestor, Wilhelmus Fredenburg is believed to be the son of a Hezikiah Vredenburg. Wilhelmus migrated to Canada around 1825. More will appear later in this publication on this family.

Oregon Researcher Sheds Some New Light

Mrs. Ann Monnier of Molalla, Oregon has found what may be the ancestor's of D. R. Jackson in Ontario County, New York, According to the death certificate of Henrietta Vredenburg, her father is listed as John Vredenburg and mother as Anna Shafer. Her brother, Elijah Vredenburg's death Certificate lists his parents as being John Vredenburg, and Margaret Shower. The 1820 census of Phelps, Ontario County, New York contains a John Vredenburg, and not far away is the Worden family, and a Shower family. All of which I think is part of the puzzle coming together on this family. Henrietta and Elijah were according to records, born in Canada. As we now know from research, some Vredenburgs went back and forth form New York to Canada. Hopefully this puzzle will be completed in the near future. A big thanks goes out to Ann for this find.

Who are the Parents of Joseph Vredenburg?

Ann Monnier of Molalla, Oregon has been like so many of us other Vredenburg researcher, asking these questions after years of research. Joseph Vredenburg was born in New York state around 1820. He married Rebecca Jane McNitt, and had five children whose names were Martha Ann, John, Francis, George, Joseph, and Joshua. This family came to Michigan and settled in Barry County, not far from D. R. Jackson's branch of Vredenburgs. This family too was connected with links to the Worden Family, which leads D. R. Jackson to the conclusion that these two families are close relatives. Anyone with any answers, is directed to contact Mrs. Ann Monnier of P. O. Box 571, Molalla, Oregon 97038. It is thought that Joseph Vredenburg is buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Middleville, Barry County, Michigan. His wife Rebecca Jane McNitt died August 18th , 1870, and buried there. Martha Ann Vredenburg was born in New York in 1841-1842. John Vredenburg, who is Ann's ancestor, was born in new York in 1846 and died at Woodburn, Oregon on July 28, 1913. Francis George Vredenburg was born in New York in 1846 and died at Assyria Twp., Barry County, Michigan on October 15th, 1878. Joshua Vredenburg was born in New York about 1850, and died Young at Barry County, Michigan.

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Michigan Researchers Write

Mrs Ruth Ann Kelley of Hesperia, Michigan sent me a question. Does anyone know about the family of an Aaron Fredenburg, who was born cir. 1867 in LaPorte, Indiana. He married Ruth Ann Griffin and died in Michigan City, or LaPorte, Indiana in 1934. Ruth Ann goes back to a Jacob Fradenburgh, and has done much research on her branch of the family. Donna Fairbanks of Grand Haven, Michigan is a descendant of a William Vredenburgh (1798-1872) and Betsy Hartshorn (1799-1864), both of whom are buried in the Hubbardston East Cemetery in Hubbardston, Michigan. Dorothy Vredenburg of Tustin, Michigan sent a note looking for descendants of a Joseph Vredenburg and Sarah Sweezy, who settled in Mecosta County, Michigan.

Vredenburg Researchers in New York

Carrie Mills Dudley writes from East Otto, New York in search of her ancestor, Mary (Polly) Fredenbug, who was born September 25th, 1788 and died January 22nd, 1851, and was buried at Brideport Cemetery in Seneca County New York. She married in 1806 to Samuel Lay Samuel Lay was the son of Samuel Lay and Abigail (Newberry) Lay.

More Vredenburgh Researchers Write

Carol Thomas of Powersite, MO has sent me the following Van Vredinburgh line.

1. John S. Vredenburgh, b. 1 Mar 1809 Summerville, NJ, m. 15 Sep 1832 Ann Eliza Doremus, d. 9 Mar 1879 Springfield, IL

2. Peter Vredinburgh, b. 5 Oct 1778 New Brunswick, NJ, m. 20 Dec 1804 Maria Vanderbilt Van Doren, d. 16 Oct 1848 Summerville, NJ.

3. Petrus Benidict Van Vredenburg, b. 14 July 1745 New Brunswick, NJ, m. 17 Dec 1772 Margaret Sureman, d. 24 Aug 1823 New Brunswick NJ.

4. Petrus Benidict Van Vredenburgh, b. 30 Jul 1721 New Brunswick, NJ, m. 13 Oct 1743, d. 28 Jul 1810 New Brunswick, NJ.

5. Willem Van Vredenburgh, chr. 4 Oct 1696 NY, m. 22 Apr 1717 Catrina Schott, d. 4 Feb 1773.

Relationship For One Person Is Established

I have looked at a letter from Carol Thomas of Powersite, MO, and have established that she is a descendant of William Vredenburg and Betsy Hartshorn. Her great grandfather was George Washington Vredenburg and her great grandmother was Anna Lois Pratt, who was the 3rd wife of George Vredenburg, the dates and names she submitted to me has made this identification very easy to make, so this is one little puzzle in the Vredenburg research circle that has now been solved.

Vredenburg Research Now on Computer

Three Vredenburg researchers now exchange research by disk with the program, Family Origins, from Parsons Technology. If any of you researchers use computers, you may want to try this program and join the team. The researchers are D. R. Jackson of Aurora, OH., Harry Vredingburg of Truman, Arkansas, and Ann Monnier of Molalla, Oregon. To note D. R. Jackson also supports the program, Family Tree Maker, and Harry supports also PAF in addition to Family Origins.

For further Information of computers and the Vredenburg research, contact D. R. Jackson.

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People of Haldimand: The Fradenburghs.

The Fradenburgh Tract is located in the northern part of Southern Cayuga Twp., [Ontario, Canada] bordering on the Grand River. It is named after Wilhelmus Fradenburgh who settled on this tract of about 12,000 acres about 1832. Wilhelmus was married about 1829 to Sarah Dochstader, the daughter of John Dochstader and his wife Catharine Brant, suppposedly a step- (or half ) sister of Joseph Brant.

According to the Historical Atlas, John Dochstader, a Butler's Ranger, was the first settler in South Cayuga, having obtained a "Brant Lease" about 1784. He remained on his land until the War of 1812 broke out, when he and his family moved to the U.S. John was a nephew of Capt. John Dochstader who was given a huge tract of land, the "Dochstader Tract" in what later became Canborough Twp. John died in 1845, aged 101. His wife Catharine died in 1847, aged 96. Both are buried in the South Cayuga Baptist Cemetery.

Wilhelmus Fradenburgh (Vratenburgh) was born in New York State, coming to Upper Canada about 1825. Upon marrying Sarah, he laid claim to his father-in-law's abandoned tract and a new lease was eventually made out by the Chiefs in his name. he and his wife are also buried in the Baptist Cemetery.

Wilhelmus (1805-1871) and Sarah (1800-1892) Fradenburgh, had four known children: John WIlliam, Charles, Daniel and Sarah, the latter dying in 1848, age 6. The three sons inherited their father's property, being lots 21-24, Conc. 3, 4, South Cayuga. Their oldest son John William was born June 6, 1830 on the farm where he died (according to his obituary, --another source says he was born in New York State). He was married to Harriet Ellen Boyd, the step-daughter of Charles and Loisa (Boyd) William. Charles was a merchant near Sweet's Corners (Rainham Post Office) John and Harriet had two sons: Levi of Philadelphia and Rev. John Victor, a Baptist minister who served at Goshen, Indiana, South Cayuga, Beamsville and Springfield, Ontario.

Charles Bloomfield Fradenburgh was born in 1832 at Brantford, coming soon after with his parents to South Cayuga. He married in 1855 Mary Ann Bingleman, the daughter of Andrew Sr. and Anna Mary Bingleman who came from Germany, settling first in Humberstone Twp. where Mary was born Feb. 22, 1838. They had seven children, including Mrs. Alfred Charles Meadows of South Cayuga, Evan of Rainham and Mrs Richard Saunders of Dunnville. Wilhelmus' third son was born in South Cayuga in 1837. He married Nov. 27, 1861 Mary Jane Wardell, the daughter of Abram Wardell of Rainham Twp. They farmed until 1885 when they moved to Cayuga. They had four sons and four daughters, all of whom moved to the States, except Mrs. Jack Fissette of Cayuga.

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In the course of my research on this family, I have found some other Fradenburghs. A Martha Fradenburgh was living with Wilhelmus in 1861 census -possibly a sister? A Daniel Fradenburh married Eliza Jane O'Conner, who with her sister Anna Statia O'Conner Killins Helmer, owned property in the Huff Tract in the 1840s. An Alber Fradenburgh, age 22, son of Havelah Fradenburgh and Betsy Ferguson, married Oct. 15, 1866, Teresa Eakins, both of East Oxford (Haldimand County Marriage Register 1858-1869). Are Daniel and Havelah related to WIlhelmus? Any information of these Fradenburghs would be welcome!

The Fradenburgh bush used to be a favortite raspberry-picking spot. I remember going there many a summer in my youth (and my mother before me!) with my grandparents, Ed and Lila Rays. Unfortunately, the Fradenburgh name is now just a part of our history although there are still a few descendants such as the Meadows, living in the area. Below have reproduce a map of the northern part of South Cayuga Twp, considerably reduced in size, taken from the 1879 Haldimand Historical Atlas, which shows the Fradenburgh Tract and its owners at that time. Sandra Tennant

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Fradenburg Tract, Cayuga, Township, Ontario, Canada

Map of the Fradenburgh Tract South Cayuga Twp., Ontario

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The Vredenburg Family

The ancestor of the Van Vredenburghs, arrived in America in May of 1658, coming on the ship, the Gilded Beaver. Prior to this, they were living in the Hague, Netherlands. These Hollanders who made their new home in New Amsterdam, which is now known as present day New York for the most part lived for many generations at Ghent, in Columbia Co., New York. Also branches of this family made their way to Sussex Co., New Jersey. As of this date, the amany branches of this enormous family, have spread all over North America. The name will now appear as many variations such as Vredenburg, Fredenburg, Fradenburgh, Vredingburgh, Vreidingburgh, and many others. No matter what variation of the Van Vredenburghs you may be from, we can all celebrate 335 years of our Dutch ancestors in America.

Van Vredenburgh