Records of the Reformed Church at Reyn Beek (Red Hook) Dutchess County, New York

Baptism / Birth Child Parents Sponsors
5 Apr 1730 Benjamin Hannus Van Etten
Rebecca Van Etten
Isaac Vredenburg
Argengen Vredenburg
1 Nov 1736 Jannetje Abraham Fredenburg
Catharin Pier
Wouder Westphal
Jannetje Pier
11 May 1738 David Johannes Rosa
Rachel DeDuitscher
David DeDuitscher
Helletje Van Fredenburg
7 Nov 1738 Catharina Abraham Fredenburg
Catharina Pier
Jan Pier
Catharina Ostrander
14 Apr 1740 Catharina Isaac Fredenburg
Geesje Pier
Benjamin Fredenburg
Catharina Kraft
15 Apr 1740 Benjamin Johannes Fredenburg
Mareitje Osterhout
Benjamin Osterhout
Lea Rosa
13 Jan 1741 Annaatje Abraham Fredenburg
Catharina Pier
Abraham Osterhout
Arriaantje Fredenburg
28 Nov 1742 Johannes Benjamin Fredenberg
Catharina Kraft
Johannes Laun
Anna Barbara Osilia Laun
12 Oct 1749 Petrus Benjamin Vradenburg
Catharina Kraft
Petrus Vradenburg
Heiltje Kip
11 Mar 1750 Gideon Isac Vredenburch
Geesje Pier
Gideon d'Duitser
Catherina Oosterhout
22 Sep 1757 Jacobus Jacobis Luis
Rebecca Freidenburg
Jacobus Freidenburg, and wife
Clartje Van Wagner
13 Jan 1748 Johanneke Isaac Fridenburg
Getkin Bier
Helmes Fridenburg
Johanneke Kepo
26 Dec 1763 Annatien Wilhelm Van Fredenburg
Gepie Hendrika
Isaac Kip
Annation Schults
26 Dec 1763 Isaac Johannes Van Fredenburg
Gepie Kohl
Isaac Kip
Catharina Kip
18 Mar 1763 Abraham Abrah. Fredenborgen
Maria Boys
Joris Bennet
Gertruit Hagedorn
1 Apr 1764 Jannetien Gerhardus Luwes
Jannetie Kip
Jacobus Van Ette
Lea Fredenburg
15 Apr 1764 Isac Benjamin Vannete
Helentie Fredenburg
Hannes Van Nette
Gertie Bruyn
19 Aug 1764 Clara Isac Van Nette
Oltie Van Fredenburg
Jacob Fredenburg, and wife
Clara Van Wagenen
16 Jun 1765
bo 15 May
Leonhard Jacob Luys
Rebecca Van Fredenburg
Jacob Van Fredenburg Jr
Lea Van Wagenen
16 Jun 1765
bo 9 May
Jacob Gerhardus Luys
Junnetien Kip
Jacob Luys and wife
Rebecca Van Fredenburg
16 Jun 1765 Johannes Jacob Van Benthuysen
Rahel Van Fredenburg
Jan Van Benthuysen, and wife
Maria Kip
28 Jul 1765 Petrus Frans Madret
Annaken Fredenberg
11 Aug 1765 David Deves Fredenburg
Margaretha Westphal
David Fredenburg
Lisabeth Boys
29 Jun 1766 Catharina Petrus Fredenburg
Jannetien DeWitt
Benjamin Fredenburg, and wife
Catharina DeWitt
29 Jun 1766 Maria Jeremias Fredenburg
Catharina Bekker
Johannes Schmit, and wife
Maria Bekker
12 Jul 1767 Marytien Wilhelmus Van Fredenburg
Kapien Hendrikson
Symon J. Kohl, and wife
Marytien Trombauer
10 Jan 1768 Lea Jacob Luys
Rebecca Van Fredenburg
Jacobus Kip
Sarah Van Wagenen
7 Feb 1768 Wilhelm Petrus Vannette
Helena Hendriksen
Willem Hendriksen
Cattalyntien Fredenburg
21 May 1769 Jeremias Jeremias Fredenburg
Catharina Bekker
Benjamin Fredenburg, and wife
Catharina Kraft
5 Jan 1772 Rasheltjen Wilhelmus Fredenburg
Gapjen Hendricksen
Isac Kip, and wife
12 Apr1772 Annatjen Abrah. Mares
Catharina Fredenburg
Wilh. Hendrikson
Gritjen Fridenburg
5 Jul 1772 Anna Jeremia Fredenburg
Catharina Beckker
Christian Beckker, and wife
Anna Emmerich
27 Sep 1772 Catharina Jacob Lewys
Rebecca V. Fredenburg
Wilhelm Welsch, and wife
Sarah V. Fredenburg
7 Nov 1773 Rachel Jacobus V. Fredenburg
Margaretha V. Ette
Benjamin Van Ette, and wife
Rachel Kip
21 Nov 1773 Jan Samuel Welsch
Maria Fredenburg
Jan Welsch Jr., and wife
Annatjen Fredenburg
30 Jan 1774 Abraham Wilhelm Welsch
Sarah Fredenburg
Abraham Welsch, and wife
Elisabeth Die
30 Jan.1774 Barend Johannes V. Fredenburg
Geppy Kohl
Barend V. Benthuyeen
Lea V. Benthuyeen
12 Nov 1775 Benjamin Samuel Welsch
Maria Fredenburg
Benjamin Welsch, and wife
Lena Diel
25Dec 1775 Catharina Jacob Fredenburg
Jenneke V. Ette
Jacob Fredenburg, and wife
Catherine Bekker
25 Dec 1784 Susanna Petrus Fredenburgh
Elisabeth Schafer
Herm Knikkerbakker, and wife
Susanna Basson
26 Mar 1786 Hendrick Isac Fredenburg
Maria Dumond
Hendrick Hoevenberg
Hester DuMond
1 Jul 1787 Caty Benjamin Fredenburg
Maria Osterhout
Abraham Wittaker, and wife
Catherina Bekker
18 Jan 1789 Petrus Hendrik Dekker
Catharina Fredenburg
Benjamin Fredenburg, and wife
Maria Osterhout
bo 3 May 1795 Jeremias Jeremias Fredenburg
Catharina Bitzer
Abraham Wittikar
Catharina Becker
bo 1 Jul 1795 Annatchen Wilhelm Ostrander
Seragel Van Tescel
Barnhard Kremer
Annatchen Fredenburg
bo.11 Jan 1797 John John Fredebourg
Poly Dennes
Peter Schot (unmarried)
Pegy Scot
bo.14 Aug 1797 Elisabeth Cornelius Reinders
Catharina Fredenburg
The parents
bo. Sept.22 Wilhelm Jeremias Fredenburg
Catharina Bitzer
Wilhelm Killmer, and wife
Annatchen Bitzer
bo 22 Nov 1797 Sarah Benjamin B. Fredenburg
Lidia Bohn
Johannis Wallis
Mareitchen Waldorf
bo 19 Dec 1797 Catharina Barend Kremer
Anna Fredenburg
Abraham Witteker, and wife
Catharin Fredenburg
bo 7 Mar 1799 Antchen Cornelius Reinders
Catharina Fredenburg
The parents


26 Dec 1763 Petrus Fredenburgh and Jannetie DeWitt
1 Jun 1766 Jeremias Fredenburgh and Catharina Bekker


A typescript document from microfilm at the LDS Salt Lake City Genealogy Library titled: General Church Book of the Reformed Chruch at ReynBeeck (known now as Red Hook) Dutchess County, NY. Composed and commenced by G. M. Weiss, at the time preacher of the two Nether Dutch Congregations at Katskill and Kocks-Hacky. The Year of Christ 1734, May 23.

New York Genealogical and Biographic Record (1963) v. 94, p. 51f, p. 103f; v 96 p. 28f, and other issues

Typed with the assistance of Paulette Williams