The manuscript is type written, and consists of pages 40-41a of a larger manuscript,unknown document.

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The Holy Bible containing the Authorized Edition of the New Testament A.D. 1611 and The Revised Version of A.D. 1881. This Bible purchased by Angeline M. Hicks from Ross Bros., Terre Haute, Indiana, after having sold her favorite mare.

Hachaliah Vredenburgh married Angeline M. Hicks at Danville, Ill., on Aug. 14, 1867 in the presence of Rev. P. D. Hammond.

Children of Hachaliah and Angeline Vredenburgh:

1. Ella A. Vredenburgh
2. James Hamilton Vredenburgh
3. Sarah Temperance Vredenburgh

Children of James H. Vredenburgh and wife, Clara Dust Vredenburgh; married December 6, 1898.

1. Effie Vredenburgh b. 1-24-1899
2. Robert James b. 8-12-1900
3. Royal Franklin b. 7-20-1903
4. Bessie Marie b. 3-19-1906
5. Opal Madeline b. 10-17-1908

Children of Sarah Temperance Vredenburgh and husband, Frank Heuer [written in] b. 5-24-1875.

1. Cleo Francis Heuer b. 2-23-1902
2. Hollis Charlotte Heuer b. 8-18-1910
3. Leota May Heuer b. 12-4-1912
4. Charles Frank Heuer b. 9-3-1916

Children of Cleo Francis Heuer and John L. Henry:
1. Robert Louis Henry b. 2-13-1935 (adopted)
2. J. Richard Henry b. 4-27-1936

Children of Hollis Charlotte Heuer and husband, Robert L. Furste:

1. Barbara Ann Furste b. 5-9-1948 d. 5-98-1948

Children of Leota May Heuer and husband, Wesley B. Juvinall:

1. Sharon Kay Juvinall b. 4-17-1940

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Children of Charles F. Heuer and wife, Dorthy Davis:

1. Phillip Wayne Heuer b. 10-21-1943
2. Cheryl Noel Heuer b. 12-9-1948


Hachaliah Vredenburgh and Angeline Hicks - Aug. 14, 1867
Ella A. Vredenburgh and John Charles Snider - Mar. 3, 1890
James Hamilton Vredenburgh and Clara Dust - Dec. 6, 1898
Sarah Temperance Vredenburgh and Frank Heuer - Jan. 31, 1900
Cleo Francis Heuer and John L. Henry - Oct. 18, 1924
Hollis Charlotte Heuer and Hiram Froman - Feb. 3, 1931 (divorced 1941)
Leota May Heuer and Wesley B. Juvinall - Oct. 21, 1937
Charles F. Heuer and Dorothy Davis - Sept. 12, 1936
Hollis Charlotte Froman and Robert L. Furst - Dec. 7, 1941 (2nd)
Robert Louis Henry and Edith Miller - Sept 1957
Sharon Kay Juvinall and Michael Eugene Thorlton - Aug. 5, 1960


Hachaliah Vredenburgh b. Aug. 5, 1848
Angeline Vredenburgh b. Sept. 20, 1846
Ella Amelia Vredenburgh b. June 11, 1868
James H. Vredenburgh b. Mar. 24, 1872
Sarah Temperance Vredenburgh b. Aug. 16, 1878


Angeline M. Vredenburgh d. Oct. 19, 1926
Hachaliah Vredenburgh d. Jan. 10, 1927
Ella Amelia Vredenburgh d. Oct. 28, 1939
Charles Snider d. Dec. 1942
Robert James Vredenburgh d. June 1936
James Hamilton Vredenburgh d. Dec. 12, 1948

Added Notes:

Effie Vredenburgh and Ralph Richards
Eudora Richards (adopted daughter)
Betty Madeline Richards (own daughter)
Robert James Vredenburgh and Beulah Roberts
Sally May Vredenburgh (only child)
Bessie Marie and Fred Corray
Royal Franklin Vredenburgh d.
John Louis Henry d. Aug. 1956
Charles Frank Heuer d. July 21, 1958
Beulah Vredenburgh d. 1961


Francis Marion Hicks b. 5-11-1844 d. 7-10-1863
Angeline Mathis Hicks b. 9-20-1846 d. 10-19-1926
Samuel David Hicks b. 5-20-1848 d. Sarah Catherine Hicks b. 4-2-1850 d.
James Madison Hicks b. 11-7-1851 d. 9-16-1910
Albert Allen Hicks b. 2-23-1853 d.
Joshua Theodore Hicks b. 12-8-1856 d. 1-3-1915
Enoch Snider Hicks b. 10-10-1859 d.
Caroline Hicks b. 1-30-1861 d.
Charles Walter Hicks b. 5-11-1863 d. 1-1-1900
David Hicks b. 12-22-1819 d. 12-15-1864 (father)
Elizabeth Hicks b. 6-3-1823 d. 1909 (mother)

Page 41a
Personal Records of Samuel Brittingham, member of S.A.R.

Samuel Brittingham's mother, whose maiden name was Mary Temperance Vredenburg, was the daughter of Dr. Samuel Hamilton Vredenburgh (the name was spelled sometimes with and sometimes without the final "h") who was one of the early physicians in Vermilion County, Ill. He was one of the first customers of the old Woodbury Drug store, Danville, Ill., but he also made many of his medications from teas and herbs which he picked wild from field and wood. He lived to be 96, dying about 1918, at which time he lived on North Franklin Street in the 1000 block. He was the son of Hackaliazh Vredenburgh and Sarah Kniffin. His wife, Temperance Newlin was the daughter of John Newlin (called "Squire") and Nancy Cochran; Nancy Cochran was the daughter of James Cochran and Temperance Morgan; Temperance Morgan was the daughter of Zaquill Morgan (sometimes spelled Zackwill) and Nancy Paxton; Zaquill Morgan was the son of Morgan. Morgan who came from Wales and was one of the first settlers of what became Morgantown, Virginia.

Additional Records of the Vredenburgh Family from the files of Mrs. Frank Hewer.

Children of Dr. Samuel Hamilton Vredenburgh, son of Hackaliah and Sarah (Kniffin) Vredenburgh and his first wife, Temperance Newlin, daughter of "Squire" John and Nancy (Cochran) Newlin

1. Hackaliah Hamilton Vredenburgh, born Aug. 5, 1848
2. John Vredenburgh
3. Mary Temperance Vredenburgh

Children of Dr. Samuel Hamilton Vredenburgh by his second wife, Elizabeth Farnsworth.

1. Jessie Vredenburgh who married John King. a. Harry King
2. Flora D. Vredenburgh, born 1859; died 1875; buried at Collison Cemetery
3. Caleb J. Vredenburgh, born 1863; died 1875; buried at Collison Cemetery.
4. Samuel H. Vredenburgh, born 1866; died 1866; buried at Collison Cemetery.