In 1909 Burt Denison purchased 40 acres just outside the Tehachapi city limits and planted the area's first commercial orchard. He also bought one-quarter interest in a canning factory in Burbank where several railroad car-loads of pears were canned each year. Eventually the "T-HACHA-P" brand was patented by the Tehachapi Fruit Growers Association (see Barras, 1976, "A Long Road to Tehachapi," pages 99-100).

This fruit-crate label, which probably dates from the 1930s, was scanned from an original lithograph in my collection. Click on the image below for a high-resolution (13.5 mb) pdf.

T-HACHA-P fruit crate label (pears).


As of July 2006 original lithograph copies of this label were available from at least two online sources. Check out these stores: crateart.com paperstuff.com. Undoubtedly there are other sources.