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The Second Generation

Oscar and Metta’s children:

Edwin Jeffrey (1860-1925), Arthur H (1865-1943), Myra H. (1869-1947) and George Ira (1871 – 1934)

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Edwin Jeffrey Babcock

Edwin Jeffrey Babcock

Arthur Babcock an his wife Esther 1942

Arthur and his wife Esther. 1942

Myra Babcock 1897

Myra, 1897, 28 years old

George Babcock 1899

George, 1899, 28 years old.


Edwin Jeffrey Babcock Family.

On June 1, 1889 Edwin Jeffrey Babcock married Jessie Fremont True. Edwin was 29 years old and Jessie 23, at the time of thier wedding.


Edwin Jeffrey Babcock

Edwin Jeffrey about 1900, age 40.

Jessie Fremont True

Jessie Fremont True


Edwin Jeffrey Babcock Family

(Front) Edwin Jeffrey and Jessie (True) Babcock (Back)
(Back) Art, Oscar True, Katharine, Edwin and Archie



Oscar True Babcock


Edwin Babcock


Archie Babcock


Arthur Babcock


Arthur Babcock Family

Arthur and Esther (Davis) Babcock had 5 children: Metta (1895-1907), Albert Henry (1897-1971), Teddy (1901-1902), Erlow Ted (1904-1975) and Ruth (1906-1987).


Art and Esther, 1942.

Art and Esther, 1942.


Ruth and Albert Babcock and families

Ruth Babcock (4th from left), married Richard Sporleder in 1933.
L-R: Joan (Sporleder) Graves, Albert Babcock, Belva (Babcock) Allen, Ruth (Babcock) Sporleder, Jessie (Sayre) Babcock, Esther (Davis) Babcock.
Front: Peggy (Sporleder) Lucas

Erlow Ted, Ruth (Lane) and infant Phyllis Babcock.

Erlow Ted, Ruth (Lane) and infant Phyllis Babcock.
Photo about 1929.

Albert Henry

Albert Henry "Bert" and
Jessie (Sayre) Babcock.
December 1970.

Myra Babcock Family

Myra Babcock married William Gowen July 21, 1898. She was 28, he was 36. He was a widower, having been married previously to Kate Brace who passed away March 27, 1893, at the age of 24. William and Kate had two sons, John born May 5, 1891 and Ward born March 2, 1893. William and Myra had two children, George (b. Nov. 19, 1899, d. Jun. 29, 1945), and Nola (b. Sep. 1, 1902, d. May 20, 1953). Follow this LINK for much more on this family.


Myra Babcock

Myra Babcock. October 1897


William Gowen

William Gowen. August 1898


John and Ward Gowen

John (seated) and Ward Gowen

George Gowen

George. July 1922

Nola (Gowen) Vredenburgh

Nola. July 1930


George Babcock Family.

George Babcock married Cora Chaffee May 24, 1900 in Omaha, Nebraska. George was 29 and Cora was 24. George and Cora had three children, Mary (1901 – 1919), Elizabeth (1904 – 1969) and Richard (1908 – 1969).


Cora Chaffee in her wedding dress.

Cora Chaffee on her wedding day. May 24, 1900.

George Babcock 1899

George. June 1899.



George Babcock Family

George Babcock Family 1913.
George and Cora had three children, Mary (1901 – 1919), Elizabeth (1904 – 1969) and Richard (1908 – 1969).